IHOP Sucks In Their Customer Service Department

Bad IHOP Experience

IHOP is not one of my first choice restaurants anymore. I mean there food is good but the quality of their service absolutely sucks. I went their last night because I was in the mood for some breakfast food and I will have to tell you that it took almost 30 minutes just to get the order taken. Luckily, I was in the mood for their food or I would have just got up and left.

Usually, when I go to IHOP they are courteous and prompt no matter how packed they are. But this visit really pissed me off.  Okay, they were packed I understand this but when you are sitting there taking someone else’s order before mine and I arrive about fifteen minutes before they did that pisses me off. I understand how some people know people at restaurants and they feel that they should receive their food first but with me I don’t like people who operate like that.

I have worked at restaurants and places of that nature before and when someone came in that I knew I did not give them special treatment so I wouldn’t expect others to do that either. I hate the fact that I will have to give IHOP up due to the fact that they are like the only restaurant in my area that will substitute the bacon for turkey bacon or turkey sausages but this type of behavior that I was shown last night really ground my gears. 

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Filthy place and lousy service. They used one rag to clean several tables off and with in. Minutes never even washing the dirty rag it self. Also the seats are worn and stay dirty some have hole's. With scotch tape covering rips the management sucks. The food sucks. And the hole ihop sucks the employees only cares what they can get away with. Value is not there. You just pay more only


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I too agree that IHOP sucks. Not only does the service leave a great deal to be desired, their food is subpar at best and if you contact them about any of the problems you never receive a reply. I will never grave their doors and do my very best to discourage anyone from experiencing this sorry excuse for a restaurant.


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Tami Pyle

I say we do a publicity thing or stand out front every IHOP in our neighborhoods and do something ugly? I got hired one day from an IHOP and three days later just before I was to begin my regular shift? They called to tell me things werent working out~geez, could it have been the owners FAT daughter was training ME? I rocked my station! They suck! Go To Hell IHOP!!!!