Ad Hoc is Overrated

Ad Hoc is Overrated

"According to Yelpers, the best thing about Ad Hoc is the fried chicken."

Thomas Keller is an accomplished chef.  He owns one of New York’s finest restaurants, and he has a couple of famous restaurants in California as well.  His restaurants are very well received by the Michelin Guide, and many people have to make reservations months in advance in order to have a place to sit in one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants.

The restaurant that Thomas Keller owns in New York is called Per Se, and his California fine dining restaurant is The French Laundry.  Both of these restaurants are expensive, and by that I mean you and your date can easily spend close to $1000 for a dinner date.  Ad Hoc is another one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants.  However, unlike Per Se and The French Laundry, Ad Hoc is actually a more casual type of restaurant.

The atmosphere at Ad Hoc might be casual, but the prices sure aren’t.  Dinner at Ad Hoc is $52 a person—definitely not something to sneeze it.  Yet many consider it a bargain in comparison to The French Laundry that is located nearby.

According to Yelpers, the best thing about Ad Hoc is the fried chicken.  They claim that it is good enough to justify the $52.  Upon reading that, I was determined to give Ad Hoc a try during my Napa Valley trip last year.

So was Ad Hoc worth it?  The ingredients were fresh and everything, but it just was not all that great.  Fried chicken was not served the night I went, but the sautéed chicken and shrimp dish that was served did not taste any better than much less expensive restaurants.