Batali Settled Lawsuit

Batali Settled Lawsuit

"An official verdict for Mario Batali’s restaurant lawsuit will not be given. "

Whenever I am bored with nothing to do, one of my favorite ways to past the time is to watch the cooking shows on TV.  Of all the celebrity chefs who get to appear on the television screen, Mario Batali is definitely one of my favorites.  Although I have never had the chance to taste any of his foods, I do imagine that they do taste great.  After all, the things that I do see him cook on the cable channels look simply amazing.

I would not go as far as to say that Mario Batali is my cooking idol or anything like that.  However, I would say that I definitely do have a liking for him.  For that reason, I was highly disappointed to learn of his recent restaurant lawsuit.

Why was Mario Batali’s restaurant involved in a lawsuit?  It was because there were claims that his restaurant has been taking the monetary tips from the selling of alcohol to pay the salaries of some of his restaurant’s staff members.  This sort of practice is against the regulations for wages in the restaurant industry.

An official verdict for Mario Batali’s restaurant lawsuit will not be given.  That is because Mario Batali and his team of lawyers have all decided to settle.    Therefore, Batali’s restaurant lawsuit will not be settled in court.

If the claims against Batali’s restaurant were indeed true, then I am highly disappointed.  Wait staff do not get paid much by the restaurant as it is.  So there really is no reason for any of their tips to be taken from them.