Great sandies around the USA

Great sandies around the USA


Sandwiches aren’t just your simply, easy to make, and cheap lunch option anymore. Restaurants around the country have found innovative and creative ways to transform the traditional sandwich into, what seems to be, a tasty art form. Here are some of 2012 best sandwiches in America. If it’s lunch time and you find yourself in one of these cities, I recommend you venture on down and fill your belly with one of these sandies. 

Ink Sack, Los Angeles

At Ink Sack (not a very appetizing name), the chefs have found a way to fuse a sandwich with the city’s cultural surroundings. The chicharrones Banh mi sandwich is comprised of slices of pork belly and pork butt piled high with pickled veggies, and of course, deep fried pork rinds (chicharrones). It’s a heart attack waiting to happen but it’s also a local favorite. 


La Fromagerie, Alexandria Virginia

Cheesesteaks are making a resurgence throughout the country and at La Fromagerie they decided the sandwich was due for classier ingredients. Now, in place of beef, chefs use slices of tender Parisian braised rabbit.They have also nixed the cheese whiz for smoked mozzarella and now top the sandy off with a carrot puree and caramelized onions.


Tom + Chee, Cincinnati

I believe Tom + Chee may have been inspired by Paula Dean on this one. They’ve really done one over on the old favorite, the grilled cheese. Now, instead of using bread, the grilled cheese is slapped between two donuts. I can’t imagine this is all that appetizing and is merely consumed for its shock qualities rather than its taste.


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