Le Refuge for French cuisine in VA

Le Refuge for French cuisine in VA

Whenever I visit a new city, I always try to sample a French restaurant in the area.  So far, none have been as good as Le Refuge.  Although it is small in size, Le Refuge is big on flavor.   Situated in Virginia, Le Refuge has been around for nearly 30 years. 

When thinking about French cuisine, you probably conjure up images of stuffy places where the waiters all wear bowties.  That is not the case with Le Refuge.  It is a casual place where the waiters are all very friendly.

For appetizers at Le Refuge, I recommend that you try their French onion soup.  It is the absolute best one that I have tried so far.  Its cheesy flavor really cannot be missed.

From their menu, my favorite entrée is their roasted rack of lamb.  They always prepare it just right.  However, I usually do not order the roasted rack of lamb when eating at Le Refuge.  That is because I usually order the stuffed quail whenever it is on their daily special menu.  The stuffed quail is simply the best!

Desserts at Le Refuge are pretty awesome as well.  However, I usually don’t get to eat it because their entrees are enough to make me feel full.  Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend trying out some desserts, if you are able to save some room in your tummy.

Since Le Refuge is small in size, you should try to make reservations before you go.  The seats in their dining room fill up very fast.  So call ahead and prepare to be delighted!