Pizza buffets not worth it

Pizza buffets not worth it

Pizza buffets don't offer much variety.

I am a huge buffet fanatic.  Whenever I hear about a new buffet opening up, I am always eager to give the place a try.  Yet I have vowed to never again dine at a pizza buffet.

So why am I saying no to buffets that focus on pizza?  Based on my experiences, I don’t really think it is worth the money.  The pizzas served at the pizza buffet usually only have one or two toppings.  Meanwhile, I typically order specialty pizzas whenever I am in the mood for a good pie.  Therefore, it is easy to understand why I would feel that the pizzas with the limited amount of toppings are lacking in flavor.

From my previous experience with pizza buffets, the cost of the buffet is usually about the equivalent of a medium or large specialty pizza at the same restaurant.  I, personally, can never eat an entire medium pizza by myself.  For that reason, it would end up costing me more to eat at a pizza buffet than for me to buy a whole pizza pie and make at least two meals out of it.

What can pizza buffets do to get me to give them another chance?  Add hot wings into the mix.  Forget the bread sticks; give me some tasty hot wings instead.  Sure, they can raise the price some, since that is something I would expect for them to do.  Just give me my favorite side order at a pizza place, and I will be happy to eat pizza buffets again.