Stop using women’s bodies to sell food

Stop using women’s bodies to sell food

Do you really need cleavage with your burger?

Hooters pretty much sums up our culture. People love to joke about it—in fact, a relative once bought my then-toddler a “Future Hooters Girl” t-shirt, which I promptly threw away—but it’s a disgusting example of misogyny in our culture. (And boys in my high school were allowed to wear Hooters shirts and jackets while girls got written up for wearing sleeveless shirts, by the way.) But you know what? At least it has honest advertising. The name alone tells you what the place is about, and as unfortunate as it is, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to—and you certainly aren’t being lied to about it.

Unfortunately, other restaurants are jumping on this using booty to sell beer mentality, but they’re doing it much more deviously. We had a Tilted Kilt show up in town a couple of years ago, and they actually advertised themselves as a “family” restaurant; yet their billboards showed women in tiny, cleavage-bearing shirts and short skirts. My sister informed me that you had to “try out” to be a waitress and that you had to have certain measurements to work there. I don’t give a damn how good their fries supposedly were; we never went to the place on principle alone. And guess what? They’re not even in town anymore.

They have been replaced, however, by another restaurant that, again, uses provocatively-dressed girls to sell food. Can we stop with this horrible selling technique? Do you really need cleavage with your burger? I doubt anyone would pay extra to be served by a guy wearing boxers, his junk waggling around in your face while you try to drink your margarita. So why hire girls?

Well, we all know the answer to that one. And most of us—at least half of the population—isn’t happy with it. But like anything else in our woman-hating, rape-loving culture, it’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

My little sister says, “Why not?” She’s gorgeous and has waitressed before, and along with generous tips, she also gets marriage proposals, stalkers, pinches, “boob grazes” and plenty of other harassment. The guys laugh like it’s just fine since she’s a cute girl, but if asked if she enjoys it, she looks uncomfortable and says, “Not really, but I make good tips.” And has she made as much money in all of her other jobs—particularly in the medical profession she is currently in? No.

That, too, is the problem. Women are more than their bodies, and it’s about time that society caught up with that fact. I am utterly amazed at the men who stand up for gay rights, the environment, dogs—but when it comes to rape or the whole Tosh controversy, they scoff, get defensive, or start becoming misogynist cavemen altogether.

Half-dressed dining? I don’t even know why I’m surprised.