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When in doubt, toss it out!

That applies to restaurant food as well.

Eating is supposed to be a somewhat pleasurable activity.  However, it can leave you with a very bad feeling if the food you eat is a little off.  No, I don’t mean off as in the chef put in an extra tablespoon of sugar or salt.  What I am talking about here is a lot more serious.  I am talking about food that smells or tastes like it is rotting away as you eat it. Some food recipes are meant to be stinky.  A good example of that is a Chinese dish called stinky tofu.  That is a stinky dish that is perfectly OK to eat for most people, although not always pleasurable for everyone who tries it.  However, if the thing that smells funky from your meal is the chicken, you should think twice about eating it. Chicken can go bad in a pretty short amount of time compared to other meat products.  Plus it is more dangerous to consume than other meats once rotten.  Therefore, you should be extra careful when faced with suspicious-smelling chicken.

Most of the people that I personally know would never cook chicken after they have had it sitting around too long in their fridge.  However, when it comes to ordering chicken at the restaurant or for takeout, many of them just hope and pray for the best.  They assume that the restaurant would not dare to sell chicken that has gone bad.  So they eat it even when a part of their brain tells them to do otherwise.  But really, whether dining out or at home, the same rule should still apply.  When it doubt, toss it out!